What Is Your Nipple Type?

So whats your nipple type? Nipples come in different shapes and sizes. If you’ve never had your breasts done, you should know there are 2 basic categories when it comes to nipple types. There is the anatomical nipple which is a common shape that is found in most women, and then there are the different types of nipple you get.

According to las vegas escorts, nipples come in different shapes depending on where they are located. Are your nipples showing through? Or are they covered? Different areas of the nipple can be pierced. Examples of nipple piercings include:

Common – This is the most common nipple type. You can usually find them covering most of the area of the nipple between your breasts. They are typically pink or cream colored. There are exceptions for this nipple though.

Common Nipple – This type of nipple is the least common. Most women have very small amounts of nipple present. They are normally covered or hidden completely. Most women have this nipple type at some point during their lives. This is by far the least common nipple types.

Different Types of Nipple – Now that we know what our nipple shape is, lets discuss what other types of nipple piercings are out there. Some of the more popular ones are: hanging, prominent, and nipple piercing. Which one is best for you will depend on the placement of your nipple, and the shape of your breasts. For example, if you have large, prominent nipples, hanging nipples may not be a good choice for you. However, if you have smaller, more prominent nipples, then hanging would be the way to go.

So whats your nipple type? It’s important to know that your body has different preferences when it comes to nipples. What works for one person might not work for you. So its important that you educate yourself on the many nipple types, so that you can choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Now that we know what your nipple type is, lets look at some nipple piercing information for some of the more popular ones out there. First, the dangling nipple is probably the most common nipple piercing. The advantage of having a dangling nipple is that you can wear it almost anywhere. You don’t have to always restrict yourself to wearing a bra, or else it will look completely out of place. This type of nipple piercing is for those people who are adventurous, and want to let their nipple speak for themselves.

The next popular type of nipple piercing is the hanging nipple. Again, you can wear this almost anywhere. Like the dangling, you have the freedom to wear it as often as you want. However, you do need to ensure that your piercer does not snip the ligaments behind your nipple, which can cause a serious problem, and can even result in the death of your piercing. If your piercing snips the ligaments, you risk your body actually rejecting the piercing, which would leave you with a useless, unwanted, and possibly painful piercing. With this type of nipple piercing, its very important to ensure your piercer does not snip the ligaments behind your nipple.

Last but not least, the c-section piercing. This type of piercing was mostly invented for pregnant women, but now, anyone can get one. You have to remember though, that these types of piercings can be very painful, and also very expensive, so if you are thinking about getting one, make sure you have your health covered! If you’re planning on having this kind of piercing, make sure you find a piercer that does not use a gun.


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